Dragon Quest Treasures Black Friday Deals 2022 [Nintendo Switch]

Dragon Quest Treasures Black Friday Deals In 2022–Want to know more about Dragon Quest Treasures Black Friday Deal? This is your one stop shop for everything you need to know about this upcoming game. We’ll introduce you to gameplay, the storyline, and release dates – all in one place!

Playing a video game can be a very fun experience, but digital storefronts actually aren’t the best place to find some of the best games. Black Friday is a time when stores pull out all the stops and offer killer deals on everything, including video games! Dragon Quest Treasures Deals has been announced for Black Friday 2022. Find out what exciting deals are available at the discounts with this article.

Dragon Quest Treasures Black Friday Deals 2022

Dragon Quest Treasures Black Friday Release Date & Details

Dragon Quest Treasures is coming out on Nintendo Switch on December 9th as what seems to be an exclusive. Like a lot of other games, it might come to other platforms later, but at least when it first comes out, it won’t. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age was one of the first games announced for the Nintendo Switch. A year later, it came out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

It’s currently part of Xbox Game Pass, just like Dragon Quest Builders 2, so maybe Dragon Quest Treasures will come out on other systems by December 2023? WePC will let you know about news as it happens, so you can expect to hear from us in the coming months.

Watch 30 Minutes Of Beautiful “Dragon Quest Treasures” Game Play

Square Enix has had a lot of games come out in 2022, and Dragon Quest Treasures is one of the last ones to come out this year. We’re getting close to the game’s release, and V-Jump has posted 30 minutes of footage from the upcoming spin-off (thanks Gematsu!).

The gameplay and commentary (above) are all in Japanese, but we can get a good idea of what to expect with Erik and Mia’s (from Dragon Quest XI) return. After a short bit of story, we can see different clips of Mia exploring this brand-new world, interacting with the game’s many monsters she can recruit, and practicing her own fighting skills in what looks like an abandoned castle or dungeon.

Erik, on the other hand, gets to wander around the open fields a bit more, and we can see him getting around some bigger gaps by holding onto a Dracky’s legs. You’ll have to use the skills of your monster to get around and find the loot.

There are also a lot of new screenshots of the game, which have been shown in Japanese media previews from places like 4gamer.net and GAME Watch. These screenshots show a group of pirates called The Thunderous Plunderers and other treasure hunters who want to steal their loot.

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