10 Best Sony XB20 Speaker Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals | 2018

10 Best Sony XB20 Speaker Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals | 2018
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Sony XB20 Speaker Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals: Here I have listed best Sony XB20 Speaker Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals 2018. Save up to $100 on Sony Speakers. Sony XB20 Speaker is most popular and used by professional for many years. The Sony XB20 is the studio legend with the outstanding sound clarity and mild bass. Sony Speakers deals are one of the most awaited deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals.

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Sony XB20 Speaker Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Sony XB20 Speaker Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals:

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Bluetooth speakers are available in all shapes and colours. Some are big, made to fill an entire room with sound to your next celebration. Others are portable, designed to be carried with you wherever you go. If you are willing to throw a little extra money at it, then you may even find a version that’s durable enough to withstand the type of abuse that very few digital items can.
At least, that’s how things were during the peak of this Bluetooth speaker flourish.

As the industry grows, we are starting to notice a shifting trend. Brands are promoting speakers that don’t make you choose one or another. Not only are the speakers becoming considerably more affordable, but they’re starting to include features from all aspects of the market. They’re becoming a little tougher, a little louder, and a only a little bit better.

Sony’s XB lineup of sound gear has always been a bit of a hidden gem. While it doesn’t sell quite as well as the Bose speakers, we have found time and time again this line packs a significant punch. We took a look at Sony’s top-tier model, the SRS-XB40. Now we had the chance to try out the little brother in this popular speaker , the XB20.

Though the Sony XB20 didn’t earn an award in our review, it carves out a fairly appealing market for itself. It gives good sound quality, mostly due to its strong yet crisp bass. It’s also very loud for its size, which makes it great if you would like something for smaller parties or to burst’Playing The Boys’ in your next beach volleyball game. It is also water resistant, so it will not get ruined if it rains said beach volleyball game. If you want something quite durable, but the JBL Flip 4 is equally as loud and bassy and is totally waterproof. Overall we think the Bose SoundLink Color is a far better all-around value, but if you want to save 30 that the XB20 is not much of a step down.

Earning a 7 out of 10 in our sound excellent testing, the Sony XB20 was above average but not outstanding. The most impressive part of its sound is the bass, which can be powerful yet clear and characterized with no muddled undertones. Flipping the’extra bass’ switch makes the bass even stronger, and still kept things sounding sharp. The speaker also accentuates the bass with a built in light show which follows a beat. That is a somewhat entertaining attribute, but it can easily be turned off once it becomes annoying. It didn’t produce as powerful bass in our testing because the Bose models and the Beats Pill+, but it was pretty close. Additionally, all those models cost twice as much.

While the very best versions were certainly exceptional in this aspect, the XB20 was nevertheless able to make a full bodied sound that will please most listeners. If you’re searching for something completely waterproof, the JBL Flip 4 made a similarly bassy yet nicely rounded noise, and can be IPX7 waterproof.

Sony provides a good discount on Sony XB20 during Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale. You can save up to $100 on select Sony Speakers. So check this out best Sony XB20 Speaker Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals 2018 below.

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