20 Best PS5 Black Friday Sale & Deals 2020 – What To Expect

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PS5 Black Friday Deals

Best PS5 Black Friday Sale & Deals 2020 – Are you ready for the PS5 Black Friday debut in 2020? We will be closely following all of the Sony Playstation 5 news, rumors, speculation, and other stuff about whether the first Black Friday for the epic gaming system from Sony will be released before or after Black Friday 2020. Sony finally reveals what the PlayStation 5 looks like. Nearly an hour after the PS5 game announcements, Sony today unveiled the hardware design after publishing it for the duration of its PS5 live event. The PS5 console includes a black and white design to match the new controller that will be included in the box.

There are a whole lot of bogus leaks already regarding the PS5 and if it’ll be published. The PS5 is the most popular new gaming console to launch in 2020 and with different people at home this year due to the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, you’ll be able to get your hands on the PS5 before Christmas. We are not expecting to see any sales or discounts offered in 2020.

As soon as possible we’ll see the first bundled offer appearing on PlayStation 5 is expected in March-April. The PS5 stands vertically, like the mainly placed Xbox Series X, and will include two versions: a 4K Blu-ray player and a purely digital version. The PS5 version without an optical drive seems much thinner than the regular model, thanks to the removal of the drive. This will follow a similar time frame. When the PS4 and Xbox One X were launched a few years ago.

Best PS5 Black Friday Sale & Deals 2020

Sony has stated it will take place through Holiday 2020, therefore that’s probably some time between October and December this year. They’ve generally launched console systems before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, therefore unless production is delayed due to coronavirus, we hope to see them in shops afterward. Otherwise, we’re optimistic that we’ll visit Pre-Order Black Friday Deals at the least!

Sony released its first look at the new PlayStation design at the Future of Gaming event on June 11, which prepares the PS4’s historic black box design for curvy black and white plastic with blue highlighting. This technology also includes AMD Zen 2-based CPUs. 8 cores at 3.5GHz, GDDR6 memory (16GB), processing power, beam-tracing, SSD hard drive, PSVR hardware compatibility, 10.28 TFLOPs in a built-in 4K Blu-ray player and will be backwards compatible