5 Best Pioneer DDJ 1000 Black Friday Deals | 2020

Pioneer DDJ 1000 Black Friday Deals & Sales 2020: Looking for the Pioneer DDJ 1000 Black Friday sale or Cyber Monday Sale this year? then you are in the right place. the DDJ-1000 is the first Pioneer DJ controller designed specifically for the Rekordbox software’s Performance Mode. Black Friday sale is now and finds your deal on a Pioneer DDJ 1000 on this Black Friday for your DJing.

The Pioneer DDJ-1000 gives the perfect solution if you would like to play at party and events venues other than clubs thanks to its easy portability and fresh user interface, which is comparable to the familiar multi player/DJM club-standard setup. Here in this post, I am with the some best Black Friday Pioneer DDJ 1000 Sales and deals for 2020 for you. Here I picked some best deals on the Pioneer DDJ 1000 during this Black Friday 2020.

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Pioneer DDJ 1000 Black Friday Deals & Sales 2020

Pioneer Pro DJ DJ Controller, Black (DDJ-1000) – Get Deal Here

Odyssey DDJ-1000 & DDJ-1000SRT DJ Case – Get Deal Here

Odyssey Cases Pioneer DDJ-1000/DDJ-100SRT Glide Style Case – Get Deal Here

Pioneer DDJ-1000 Professional 4-Channel Controller for Rekordbox DJ Bundle with Stand, Headphones, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth – Get Deal Here

Released earlier this season, the DDJ-1000 is your first Pioneer DJ controller designed specifically for the Rekordbox program’s Performance Mode. Previous Rekordbox controller offerings such as (DDJ-RB/R/X/Z) were basically re-purposed versions of the classic Serato-designed line of controllers. While maybe not deviating hugely from the standard manner of controls these days, the biggest draw of the control is the full CDJ2000NXS2 design, pressure-sensitive platters, along with a mini DJM-900 mixer, complete with a full effects segment.

Its professional attributes include full-size jog wheels inherited from the CDJ-2000NXS2 with additional On Mirroring Screen so that you can keep your eye on important monitor information without looking at your notebook.

The overall design of the DJ controller is regular, which is a good thing. We are glad Pioneer didn’t get cute with changing the location of most of our switches, knobs, and faders. They took it directly out of the CDJ and DJM equipment some of you might have seen previously.

Rekordbox has grown into a big and potentially quite confusing software package. Originally launched alongside the CDJ-2000 gamers in 2013, the program began as a way of organizing and sorting documents, essentially a library method for tagging audio, preparing sets and transferring documents to USB sticks. Pioneer DJ expanded the bundle recently to incorporate the optional rekordbox DJ, a 120 electronic DJing solution controllable through the organization’s own CDJs and controllers, third-party options or control plastic. There is also a rekordbox program for iOS and Android, and it is a fundamental cellular DJ’ing solution in its own right.

For DDJ users, rekordbox could be seen as a rival to the likes of Serato, Traktor or VirtualDJ: the software on which the entire platform runs. Despite similarities in appearance, it’s essential to be aware that the DDJ controllers only work along with the applications, not standalone; should you desire standalone, laptop-free performance you’d want to look to alternatives in the company’s CDJ and XDJ ranges. There are not any slots for CDs, USB sticks, SD cards or another kind of removable media on the DDJ, however, it does act as an audio interface, so there is no additional hardware needed except your laptop and a set of headphones.


These are the top 5 Pioneer DDJ 1000 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020.  These pioneer DDJ 1000 are selling at the lowest price ever so don’t miss this Pioneer DDJ 1000 Black Friday Sale 2020. We hope you will find the right one out of these Pioneer DDJ 1000 what you are looking for. But if you still got any questions are concern regarding the Pioneer DDJ 1000 Deals, write the comment to us.