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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 is upon us and retailers have already slashed their prices. So it’s the ideal time to pick up that expensive espresso machine or coffee gift you’ve been eyeing off for Christmas.

Below is my barista around up for the best Black Friday coffee maker deals, Cyber Monday coffee discounts, and more.

In a day and age when there’s a Starbucks or even themed coffee shop on every corner, it would be entirely reasonable to question the necessity of a coffee maker. But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Why pay someone else to make you a coffee you quite like, when you can make your own coffee that you absolutely love in your home?

Spending a little extra on a nice grinder can make a massive difference to the quality of the java. It ensures you receive the right sized grain to the coffee that you would like. You’ll want a coarse grinder for percolators or even cafetières, a medium one for flat-bottomed filter machines, a nice grinder will be ideal for cone filter machines, and an additional fine one is what you will be searching for espresso machines.

The maintenance of your machine is something that you want to think about, in addition to the accoutrements that go with it. In terms of the coffee itself, the real secret is to purchase it often as coffee loses it’s freshness really quickly. If you are going to use it within a week then room temperature is fine, but if you’re not likely to use it for around a month then stick it in the fridge.

Before you use the machine it is well worth flushing it out with warm water , so as to remove any residual air bubbles. Always use clean water when you’re cleaning and neveruse detergent. Ensure you clean it completely, though, as any residual java from prior times you have used the machine will affect the next cup you create yourself. It’s also worth de-scaling the machine two or three times a year.