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Fitbit Ionic Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Best Fitbit Ionic Fitness Tracker Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sale 2021: But when folks manage to get themselves off the couch and into the gym, Fitbit still has one major competitor to cope with: Apple. The Apple Watch is a juggernaut, having accounted for nearly 80 percent of smartwatch sales the last year opens a New Window. And continuing a push to the fitness space with features like syncing data to exercise machines.

So it probably is not a surprise which Fitbit’s most current product, the Fitbit Ionic Opens a New Window. , is clearly supposed to go head-to-head with Apple. It’s the first Fitbit device that’s a full-featured smartwatch, and Fitbit has a great deal riding on it: After a disappointing financial quarter, the business is banking on the success of Ionic to receive it back into the green. They have gone as far as to charge the Ionic as”the best health and fitness smartwatch”.

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Fitbit Ionic Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday Sale

Best Fitbit Ionic Fitness Tracker Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2021 & Deals:

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Product Overview:

The Fitbit Ionic is a solid first effort from Fitbit from the smartwatch segment; one which brings together an excellent display, a stylish design, in-built GPS, waterproofing, and excellent battery life in as light a package as possible. The battery lasts more than four times, which is practically unheard of in the full-featured smartwatch market.

It is especially noteworthy since battery life is an annoyance for virtually any device with an LCD display. That fact single-handedly puts the Fitbit Ionic in the upper tier. Add to this Fitbit’s fitness ecosystem, which has consistently been better designed than Apple Health and Samsung Health, and we’ve got a great new contender.

There are a number of niggles, yes. Program numbers are low, however, companies are still learning that lots of kinds of programs do not actually need a watch counterpart. Obviously, the Fitbit Ionic is also missing some fundamental offerings, such as Google Maps or Uber that can be helpful.

The Ionic does not gain from any profound smartphone integration, like with the Apple Watch and iPhone, or Gear Sport and Samsung Galaxy phones. Perhaps the biggest problem for present smartwatch users would be that you can’t send canned answers or trigger your phone’s voice assistant to dictate responses.

The charging cable is yet another proprietary effort from Fitbit (which means replacements might be difficult to discover in the future). At least it is magnetic, which means you don’t have to fiddle around when minding it, like with the Fitbit Charge 2 or Alta.

But overall, the Fitbit Ionic may be a much more compelling offering compared to its two closest rivals for some users. The Apple Watch Series 1 doesn’t have GPS or an altimeter, and the Gear Sport is quite heavy and not as easy to use.

Additionally, you can use the Ionic with iPhones and Android phones. Everything you should select, of course, comes down to exactly what you want most out of a smartwatch. When it’s fitness monitoring you’re following, the Ionic is a great choice.

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Black Friday Sale

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