10 Best Yamaha Pacifica Black Friday 2021 & Cyber Monday Deals

Yamaha Pacifica Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday Deals: Yamaha’s line of electric guitars is well known for their quality. Initially the most affordable of this Yamaha Pacifica scope, the 112 first appeared in 1993 and not only overtook all previous (and subsequent) Pacifica models concerning sales, it actually established a standard for quality and specification.

Back in the early nineties, it wasn’t uncommon to see plywood-bodied guitars at the low-end market. Not therefore the 112, which was made of solid wood. And not any old lump of the tree, but solid alder. To market, this Yamaha provided the 112 in a natural finish. Nevertheless, it was not just the body wood, the Pacifica 112 – from the beginning – employed good hardware and pickups and elegant layout.

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Best Yamaha Pacifica Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday Deals:

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Early in 2007 Yamaha introduced an updated version in all but price. The Pacifica 112 defies inflation also stays at #199 – the exact same price as it had been back in 1993. Let’s take a closer look at the current version.

While no one has ever disputed the source of the Pacifica layout, its outline is very noticeably different from the Stratocaster. The horns are longer, sleeker and also the lower bout appears a bit more angular compared to a Strat. Up to this point in its history that the 112 has showcased a large scratchplate on to which all of the pickups and electrics were mounted – like the Strat, but unlike the majority of other Pacifica versions which use a more different design together with the bridge pickup and detachable controls body-mounted, the other two pickups and the five-way selector on the scratchplate.

The 112 currently follows that fashion (including a three-ply, as opposed to single-ply, scratchplate substance ) and the guitar seems less generic with a lot of this hot-rod vibe that’s so much part of the initial Pacifica layout and concept.

The 112 is far from elaborate and only concentrates on the bare essentials. Nevertheless, the construction is of great quality. We received a two-tone sunburst guitar to rate and the matching of the human body bits – two or three, we are frankly not convinced – is extremely good, as is the ending. Just the very noticeable forearm contour to your system looks a little out of place – a more curved transition wouldn’t distract from the clean, contemporary design.

The maple neck has a rather thin satin finish – it feels like it’s been oiled – and is tidily attached to the body with the conventional four screws and neck plate. Fretting is excellent from a moderate size cable (compact 2.37mm wide x 1.36 large ); the ends of those slots are filled, the side edge of the fingerboard is a bit curved, just like an old Fender, not directly like so many low-end guitars. There is a bit of rounding to the upper edge of the fingerboard.

It’s not quite James Tyler, clearly, but it’s very apparent that somebody cares and, notably, knows what a good electric guitar should feel like in the hand. But maybe most importantly the neck is really solid and stable, there’s the minimal whip. Trust us cared for this is going to be a guitar for a lifetime.

The original Pacifica six-in-a-line headstock has continued well and still looks good some 14 years. A simple silk-screened script logo dominates the operational, square Yamaha emblem and the company’s’tuning fork’ logo is thrown – just in case you don’t already know you’re enjoying a Yamaha!

A subtle shift to the pretty standard vintage vibrato design is the inclusion of block saddles meant to bring a little firmness to the tone. They also offer a precise break-point for your own string. The saddle height adjustment screws are all the same height and also people on the outer saddles protrude – with shorter screws would be dead simple and address the problem. It remains a simple unit, however, with a screw-in arm without a tension adjustment; the block is deep-drilled to lose dead series length and, in theory, helps with tuning equilibrium; it is also heavily looser – typical of the contemporary rock guitars of the late eighties/early nineties.

We can not help believing that more mass out of a conventional vintage-style steel block and perhaps a push-in arm would be more appropriate. Also, the vibrato cover plate has six holes for string access whereas one big hole is quicker for string changes.

According to Yamaha that the pickups are updated, in line with other Pacifica versions, together with Alnico V-loaded pickups.

“We wanted to get that Alnico tone particularly for this particular guitar but nevertheless create a vintage/modern sound. The Pacifica does have its own character – it is not the most special – but in which it fits is that it is hugely versatile. It’s not overly classic but it’s not a super-slim-neck rock axe with active pickups either – by layout, it sits in that middle ground.”

Additionally new are a coil-split facility for the bridge humbucker – triggered by a pull/push switch on the tone control – and even the knobs have received a makeover; they are now chromed and knurled metal: classy.

Conclusion: Yamaha Pacifica Black Friday Sale & Cyber Monday 2021

Yamaha Pacifica electric guitars are a great choice if you’re shopping for an affordable, reliable instrument. The Black Friday deals we have available on the models of these instruments will allow you to save up to $150 with our current offers. We also offer quality acoustic guitars that will sound beautiful in any setting and won’t break your budget–check them out today!

Yamaha provides a huge discount this time on Yamaha Pacifica during Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, NewEgg, and Guitar Center. You can save up to 42 %. So check out the best Yamaha Pacifica Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal 2021 above.


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