WD Red 8TB Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Best Western Digital Red 8TB Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale & Deals 2022: WD Red drives are for small NAS systems, and also our unique algorithm balances performance and reliability in NAS and RAID environments. In other words, a WD Red driveway is one of the most compatible drives available for NAS enclosures. But don’t take our word for this. WD Red drives really are a reflection of extensive NAS spouse technology engagement and compatibility-testing resulting in a top compatibility list for NAS systems. Workload Rate is defined as the amount of user data transferred to or from the hard drive. Workload Rate is annualized (TB moved ✕ (8760/recorded power-on hours)).

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Best Western Digital Red 8TB Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2022:

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WD Red 8TB Review Black Friday Sales

As with all of our storage assessments, let’s briefly go over the physical characteristics of this hard disk drive before moving on to the benchmark results. The Red WD80EFZX from Western Digital is your standard 3.5″ hard drive; the top is made entirely of bare metal with a dull silver finish and a large label running down the center. It is lighter than both the 4TB and 6TB models, at 1.43lbs each. Because it is a Red series sticker made for network connected storage systems, the top and bottom of the sticker are printed in red to distinguish it from other product lines.

To further indicate that this is not a Red Pro, the label additionally includes the phrase “WD Red” at the bottom. Additionally, the label contains details on the product’s 8TB drive capacity, SATA interface with a 128MB cache, WD80EFZX model number, NASware 3.0 firmware, manufacturing date of September 10, 2016, and Thailand origin. Additionally, a QR code is prominently displayed. You may read more about this specific hard drive on Western Digital’s product page after it has been scanned. Unlike the Pro model, which has a five-year limited warranty, the Western Digital Red has a three-year limited warranty.

You can see a green printed circuit board connecting the Western Digital Red WD80EFZX 8TB’s SATA 6Gb/s interface to the actual mechanical parts by turning the drive over. The Western Digital Red WD80EFZX 8TB has seven high density platters inside a 7,200RPM drive. Western Digital misrepresents this drive as a “5,400RPM class” drive, however our measurements show that the spindle actually spins at 7,200RPM.

Because the drive is helium-filled for lower resistance, more platters can be stacked in the same amount of space while using less energy. This should translate to excellent performance in our benchmarks because these high density discs use conventional perpendicular magnetic recording technology rather than performance-harming technologies like shingled magnetic recording. 7.27 TB will be seen on Windows. The rated power consumption is quite low at 6.4W while under load, 5.2W while idle, and 0.7W while in standby. The WD Red 8TB uses more power when it is idle than the Seagate IronWolf ST10000VN0004 10TB, but it has slightly greater load power.

Western Digital provides a good discount on Western Digital Red 8TB during Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sale. You can save up to 40% on selected Western Digital Hard Drives. So check this out best WD Red 8TB Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2022 above.

With this article on, Best Black Friday Western Digital Red 8TB Deals & Sales 2022 we have provided an overview of the pristine bargains on Western Digital Red 8TB. We hope this compilation, Best Black Friday Western Digital Red 8TB Deals & Sales 2022 will be helpful for you to receive the best Western Digital Red 8TB Deals.


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