13 Best (Skateboard) Boosted Board Black Friday Deals 2021 – Save $150

Best Boosted Board Black Friday 2021 Sale and Cyber Monday Deals: Recently, many electric means of transport have been thrown onto the market, making it easier for us to travel long distances while at the same time protecting the environment. The very latest invention in this field is the Boosted Board. What is a Boosted Board, what can you do with it and where can it be bought? Looking for Boosted Board Black Friday Sale? Here we have come up with the latest Boosted Board Black Friday Sales 2021 from top brands

As the subtitle probably suggests, the Boosted Board is an electric longboard. To be more precise, it can be better said that it is a lightweight longboard with powerful batteries underneath. A longboard is a variant of a skateboard that is longer and uses other wheels, making it suitable for other purposes. I have chosen some Boosted Board Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale & Deals 2021 for you. It’s important to check with your favorite stores to see if they are offering Boosted Board at a discounted price.

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Boosted Board Black Friday Deals

Below is a list of Best Boosted Board Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2021.

Best Boosted Board Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday Deals:

Where a skateboard is mainly made for stunting, a longboard is, in addition to performing the most spectacular tricks, also extremely suitable as a means of transport. Most longboarders do not cover very long distances, but a ride to work, school or city is still ideal to make. Skateboard fans can use the Boosted Board instead of a bicycle, for example. Not surprisingly, after the electric bicycles, to make the longboards electric as well.

At the moment there are three different models of this electric variant of the longboard available: Boosted Single, Boosted Dual, and Boosted Dual +. These have a number of things in common. For example, all three boards are the same size, namely 96.5 cm (38 inches).

In addition, they all use the same popular wheels, the so-called Orangatang heat wheels. Because these wheels are ideal for cornering and going over bumps in the road, they can take you a long way in a comfortable way. If the battery is empty, you can charge it in a very short time, because after 30 minutes the battery is already 85% replenished and after an hour you can use it again for the full 10 kilometers.

Specifications of the three different Boosted Boards. The three different models seem to have a lot in common. Yet there are certainly also differences. These are mainly found in the specifications, namely the weight, the power, the top speed, the range, and the size of the slope that the board can handle. These specifications are worked out below for each Boosted Board.

With this article on, Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Boosted Board Deals & Sales 2021 we have provided an overview of the great deals on Boosted Board. I have come up with the top 12 best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Boosted Board deals which will help you save a lot on your new Boosted Board.

Above is a list of Best Boosted Board Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales for this year.

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